Election Day is two weeks away, on November 2nd. It is a Municipal Election, and  Philadelphia citizens will help elect new state and local officials. Here is a look at the candidates and the questions on the upcoming ballot. The ballot measures include a summary of what a vote “yes” or “no” means for the city charter.

Please remember that these lists do not tell you what decision to make but inform you to make the best decisions. Button numbers on the ballot are listed in brackets ([ ]).


Justice of the Supreme Court

(Vote for One)

  • Maria McLaughlin (Democratic) [101]
  • Kevin Brobson (Republican) [201]

Judge of the Superior Court

(Vote for One)

  • Timika Lane (Democratic) [102]
  • Megan Sullivan (Republican) [202]

Judge of the Commonwealth Court

(Vote for no more than Two)

  • Lori A Dumas (Democratic) [103]
  • David Lee Spurgeon (Democratic) [104]
  • Stacy Marie Wallace (Republican) [203]
  • Drew Crompton (Republican) [204]


Judge of the Court of Common Pleas

(Vote for no more than Twelve)

  • Nick Kamau (Democratic) [105]
  • Wendi Barish (Democratic) [106]
  • Cateria R McCabe (Democratic) [107]
  • Betsy Wahl (Democratic) [108]
  • Chris Hall (Democratic) [109]
  • Michele Hangley (Democratic) [110]
  • Craig Levin (Democratic) [111]
  • Daniel R Sulman (Democratic) [112]
  • Monica N Gibbs (Democratic) [113]
  • Leanne L Litwin (Democratic) [114]
  • Mark J Moore (Democratic) [115]
  • John P Sabatina Jr (Democratic) [116]

District Attorney

(Vote for One)

  • Larry Krasner (Democratic) [122]
  • Charles Chuck Peruto (Republican) [222]

City Controller 

(Vote for One)

  • Rebecca Rhynhart (Democratic) [123]

Judge of the Municipal Court

(Vote for no more than Five)

  • Greg Yorgey-Girdy (Democratic) [117]
  • Michael C Lambert (Democratic) [118]
  • George Twardy (Democratic) [119]
  • Christian A DiCicco (Democratic) [120]
  • Fran McCloskey (Democratic) [121]

Judge and Inspector of Election

(Vote for One)

Elected by Ward & Division. Check yours here.

Judicial Retentions

Superior Court

(Vote “Yes” or “No”)

  • John T Bender
  • Mary Jane Bowes

Commonwealth Court

(Vote “Yes” or “No”)

  • Anne E Covey
  • Renee Cohn Jubelirer

Court of Common Pleas

(Vote “Yes” or “No”)

  • Diana L Anhalt
  • Denis P Cohen
  • Rose Marie Defino-Nastasi
  • Charles A Ehrlich
  • Angelo J Foglietta
  • Jonathan Q Irvine
  • Elizabeth Jackson
  • Vincent L Johnson
  • Sean F Kennedy
  • Barbara A McDermott
  • Margaret T Murphy
  • George W Overton
  • Edward C Wright

Municipal Court 

(Vote “Yes” or “No”)

  • Frank T Brady
  • Patrick Dugan
  • Charles Hayden
  • Christine M Hope
  • Sharon Williams Losier
  • Joffie C Pittman III
  • Craig M Washington

Ballot Measures/Questions

(Vote “Yes” or “No” on each of the following questions.)

Question 1

Shall The Philadelphia Home Rule Charter be amended to call upon the Pennsylvania General Assembly and the Governor to pass legislation that would decriminalize, regulate, and tax the use, and sale to adults aged 21 years or older, of cannabis for non-medical purposes?

  • Yes: Amends the city charter to call on the state General Assembly and Governor to decriminalize, regulate, and tax the use and sale of cannabis to adults aged 21+ outside of medicinal use.
  • No: Continues the criminalization of cannabis use for non-medicinal purposes, adversely affecting Black and Brown populations.

Question 2

Shall The Philadelphia Home Rule Charter be amended to establish and define the functions of a Department of Fleet Services, headed by a Commissioner, to manage all City-owned motor vehicles and City programs concerning alternative vehicle fuel initiatives?

  • Yes: Currently, city-owned motor vehicles are managed under the Department of Public Property, the Procurement Department, and a board with city officials like the mayor and the city’s managing director. Voting “yes” would amend the city charter to create a Department of Fleet Services to have a centralized department to manage the city-owned vehicles and fuel programs.
  • No: Opposes the amendment to create a centralized department to manage all city-owned vehicles.

Question 3

Shall The Philadelphia Home Rule Charter be amended to revise provisions related to the civil service system, to allow the Personnel Director to determine the number of people on an eligible list from which a hiring or promotion decision may be made, and to determine the number of times a person may be passed over and remain eligible on such a list, all based on the position and the needs of the civil service program?

  • Yes: Amends to the city charter to granting a personnel director to decide (1) the number of times a specific applicant can show up on a list of eligibility and (2) the number of applicants that can show up on an eligible list for hiring and promotion decisions based on the job and need of the civil service system. 
  • No: Right now, the department head can only choose between one of two top-scoring applicants. The applicant not selected stays on the scoring list for future opportunities but cannot interview for the same department more than twice. A vote “no” keeps this the same.

Question 4

Shall The Philadelphia Home Rule Charter be amended to provide for a mandatory annual appropriation for the Housing Trust Fund?

  • Yes: The city council is required to approve the allocation of budget funds for city departments every year. This amendment would require them to set aside a certain amount of money for housing programs that could potentially build affordable housing.
  • No: Would not require allocating funds each year for housing programs, possibly strengthening the city’s housing crisis.
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