Weavers Way Co-op is opening a new location in Germantown, and in preparation, have rented an office space and employed a Germantown Outreach Coordinator, Camille Poinvil. Throughout this past year, Poinvil has been attending events, making connections, and hosting programming at the outreach office.

This month, Poinvil has partnered with the Maternity Care Coalition and Covenant House Health Services to host a Community Baby Item Drive. The Baby Item Drive will be on Sunday, February 26, 2023, from 2:00 to 4:00pm, at the Weavers Way Outreach Office (326B W. Chelten Avenue). 

The Baby Item Drive was something that Poinvil, who is pregnant with her third child,wanted to pay forward in the neighborhood.

“Right now, my husband and I are in a situation where we can get everything we need for this baby, but that wasn’t the case for our first baby,” said Poinvil. She reached out to the Maternity Care Coalition who helped them find a Pack-and-Play, and other essential baby items. This time around they even have a doula through Maternity Care Coalition. 

Jasmine Sparks, a MOMobile advocate and lactation counselor at Maternity Care Coalition, says the organization has many programs, including lactation counseling services, parenting classes, and other outreach and support. They work with partnering organizations to help provide lightly used baby clothes, diapers, wipes, and other basics for pregnant people and families. 

“We don’t just do it for the families, we give them the resources and they do the legwork,” said Sparks. She says they help guide families to all the resources and support that is available. “We give them back their autonomy and their power,” said Sparks.

Poinvil also partnered with Covenant House Health Services for the event. Carmen Batista-Mejia, the outreach and special projects coordinator at Covenant House said they’ve been working in the community for decades. One of their most recent community outreach events has been a mobile vaccination program, and Batista-Mejia says she is always looking for more ways to connect their services with neighbors in Germantown and the surrounding area.

Germantown Info Hub will be tabling at the Community Baby Item Drive this Sunday with community-centered resources and stories.