Mighty Writers (MW) is launching their newest programming in Germantown for the start of the 2023-24 school year. The Mighty Writers Germantown Academy will start this fall and provide children with after-school experiences that engage and enrich their learning and creative expression.

Bryana Crump, literacy manager at MW Germantown, starts the after-school program getting children comfortable and providing snacks. She usually begins with a warm-up game like Lit Literacy, helping students practice grammar, vocabulary, spelling, and punctuation. They also offer pre-packaged lunches during the program. 

Crump says the program will engage students in many ways and focus heavily on literacy and writing. She says, “A lot of times, there will be simple prompts. We do writing that’s outside the box. I’ll ask kids what they want to do and what they’re interested in, and I’ll base stuff off of that so they’ll enjoy it.”

Crump looks forward to welcoming new and returning students to the space.

“I’m excited for the new students and for the old students, too,” says Crump. “I’ve grown fond of many of the students. They made me enjoy what I do. I love coming in and having the kids be enthusiastic about the prompts I put up or the games we do.”

Students from the School District of Philadelphia schools are prioritized, but all students are welcome to this free program. MW Germantown also offers other programs this year, including the Mighty Brotherhood and Radical Playdates. Later in the year, teen programming, including Teen Scholars and a STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Art and Math) program, will start, providing older students with activities that include financial literacy and introductions to careers in STEAM.

The Germantown Academy will be held Monday through Friday from 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. at the MW Germantown site (12 E. Church Lane, 19144) for students in grades 3 to 8 and starts on September 11, 2023. 

To secure a spot for your child, complete their online registration form. Space is limited, so they recommended registering as soon as possible. 

To learn more and get signed up for the MW Germantown email list, contact Bryana Crump at bcrump@mightywriters.org.