11-year-old Jabre Dutton began a car detailing service this summer. | Nichole Currie for Gtown Info Hub.

Meet Jabre Dutton. 

He is not your average 11-year-old. While the Germantown resident he spends most of his day playing Roblox, an online video game, and watching TV—he is also the person to call when you’d like your vehicle detailed.

That’s because he started a car cleaning business this summer.

 It was early August when Jabre launched Jabre’s Car Cleaning Service. He opened an Instagram account to promote his services and currently has more than 150 followers. His cleaning service focuses on interior cleaning: vacuuming, trash disposal, and dusting. 

“I learned that is really fun, and that you could make a ton of money from it,” Jabre said. 

But Jabre did not necessarily dream of detailing cars. His mother, Sabrina Dutton,  introduced the business idea after he cleaned a family friend’s vehicle for $20.  The friend was left impressed with the state of vacuumed car.

Sabrina Dutton supports her son, Jabre Dutton’s car detailing service. | Nichole Currie for Gtown Info Hub

“You know, you can start charging other people for this,” Dutton said.

Not long after, Dutton’s co-worker designed a flyer, and Jabre began booking clients. Now the young entrepreneur is scheduled most days, according to his mother. 

On an average day, Dutton drives her son to his appointments. They first disinfect their scheduled vehicle and proceed to remove seat covers and placement mats. Jabre then collects larger pieces of trash, followed by a deep cleaning with a Duralast portable vacuum cleaner.  He finishes with a wipe-down of the interior.

 Dutton helps out when her son asks.n\  But Jabre cherishes the moment at the end of the service. 

“My favorite part about doing this job is getting my customers reactions out of it,” Jabre said. “When it’s done, when you look at it, they look so happy. I get really excited because they’re excited.”

Jabre is also learning how to manage a saving account. He said running a business has taught him the importance of putting money aside for a later date. Before beginning the business, his mother had plenty of conversations about financial literacy.

“So it’s kind of like slowly trying to get him into understanding money and responsibility,”Dutton said. “So with every car, I tell them a percentage goes to savings, a percentage goes into his pockets, and another percentage goes to his supplies.”

Jabre heeded his mother’s advice. With part of his savings, he’s planning to purchase an iPhone.

“I never had an iPhone and I’ve always wanted a phone,” Jabre said. “But when my mom taught me about financial savings I was like, I should be really considerate about our money. So the money that I keep is going to be raised for that iPhone and the money in my savings before anything else.”

In the meantime, Jabre is preparing for the forthcoming school year.  His business hours will move from weekdays to weekends according to his mother.  

More information can be found on his Instagram page.