This November, the election will be different from any in modern history. With the country experiencing a pandemic, some election guidelines have changed. Lots of people have questions about making their vote count. 

On Tuesday, Sept. 29, at 5:30pm, The Germantown Info Hub will host an event to address the questions and concerns residents have about voting. Your Rights, Your Vote, Your Voice will feature voting rights advocates Zion Sykes and Sheyla Street of Philly Youth Votes, Marco Lomelis of Ceiba and the 59th Ward Democratic Committee person, Clarice Thomas. WHYY’s Annette John-Hall, co-host of The Why podcast, will moderate.

Thomas, Sykes and Lomelis are all from Germantown.  Thomas has been helping her neighbors register and stay informed with her mobile voter information cart. She said it’s important for people to know they have options.

‘One of the key things is people don’t know what they don’t know about this new process with the mail-in ballots, and what the options are,” Thomas said. “So it’s just very, very important that we get their attention so they will be informed.”

Philly Youth Vote’s Street helps debunk voter suppression myths for potential young voters. For example, she often meets  formerly incarcerated people who think they are not eligible to register and vote.   “That’s a  false narrative that, if you’re a convicted felon, you can’t vote. [In] Pennsylvania,  you can,” Street said.

The panel will answer questions, challenge misinformation, expose common myths to help Germantown get the facts, get registered and cast their vote. You can register for the free event here