A project that began in 2019 to provide resources to low-income homeowners in Northwest Philadelphia is making those resources available online and by phone.

The project is a collaboration between Community Legal Services, Philadelphia Legal Assistance and Public Interest Law Center. The group has worked with Face to Face Germantown in the past, and performed workshops for specific groups such as “Know Your Rights” for residents with a record.

The resources and legal services address concerns like paying utilities and maintaining housing as well as help with unemployment benefits and information on re-entry for formerly incarcerated residents.

Joline Price, an attorney involved with the project, said COVID-19 had changed their outreach, forcing the project to find creative ways to reach people.

“With everything that’s been going on right now, we can’t do in person events.” Price said. “We’re trying to shift gears and think about how to continue to reach communities without physically being present.” She said that they will continue to change their outreach efforts to respond to the needs of the community during the pandemic.

The project stems from a 2017 study that showed high rates of foreclosure, vacancy, and unemployment, which could predict a decline in homeownership in the selected neighborhoods. Here is a list of all the services this project currently provides, courtesy of Price.