Carri Green, Head Chef at Thee Pink Plate Cafe, introduces Chew & Chelten to a vibrant pink paradise. Explore diverse cuisines, catering, decor, and event planning services. Committed to safety and community, it’s a Green look to become an East Germantown favorite.

Carri Green inside Thee Pink Plate Cafe. (GIH | Rasheed Ajamu)

Fuschia, and Magenta, and Mauve一Oh my! The owner and head chef of Thee Pink Plate Cafe, Carri Green, chooses to color her successful reality with only pink crayons in the box. 

The eatery, which sits near the corner of Chew and Chelten, is a new, however familiar, addition to the Germantown community. Before the embellishment of Thee Pink Plate Cafe in October 2023, Green had a pink spray-painted grill from Home Depot and a goal in sight through her rose-colored lenses. Alongside her mother, the two ladies have managed a mobile version of the eatery since 2020, running for over two and a half years. They wrapped their generations-old passion for cooking, street tacos, and kebabs in aluminum foil and served them in various areas of Philadelphia.

And when the opportunity to build up Thee Pink Plate Cafe in a permanent home came so delicately wrapped in a blush bow, Green didn’t hesitate to open the family-operated restaurant that would secure their savory legacy.

The scrumptious salmon egg rolls, the delicious pineapple jerk grilled chicken, and the tasty turkey wings were all additions to Thee Pink Plate palette upon the addition of extra counter space. Green designs her menu to represent a variety of cultures and cuisines. And while her sights are set high on finding new and exciting ways to build up her menu to a complete pink emporium, she remains set in her roots, still selling the tacos and kabobs from the spray-painted Home Depot grill. 

“Cooking has always been our love language, and it’s a huge deal for the older generations to see us actually fulfilling what they started,” Green said graciously. 

Thee Pink Plate Cafe offers something more special than a traditional restaurant experience. Branded with the slogan, “Where we pinky promise,” Green places a hot pink spotlight on the bigger symbolism behind her foundations. She pinky promises herself to keep going. She pinky promises her twin boys an empire out of her humble beginnings. Finally, she pinky promises her customers the best customer service and experience. 

Upon finalizing the pinkprints, or plans, for Thee Pink Plate Cafe, she was met with hesitation from Germantown natives. Many warned her about mentioning crime in the area and told her to be safe in the neighborhood. However, Green’s mother being raised in Germantown gave her motivation to keep the location set as is. Her mother provided the narrative and understanding that Germantown is a family-based community for so many.  So, instead of worrying, she brings the focus back to that pinky promise.

“I saw that Germantown was being rebuilt and thought it was a perfect area.” Green continues, “I want to contribute to our community and show them that we don’t have to always go downtown or travel for an upscale experience.”

Thee Pink Plate Cafe sign. (GIH | Rasheed Ajamu)

A pink rose wall. Marble tables and plush velvet seating. Pearl-line glasses. All of these selections are elements that elevate the aesthetics of her pink paradise to create a soft and comfortable dining ambiance. Green is no stranger to picking up her pink paintbrush, as Thee Pink Plate Cafe offers catering, decor, and event planning services alongside their marvelous food. Due to limited sizing, Green works in collaboration with the Pink Palace event space to accommodate a range of events: baby showers, birthday parties, bridal showers, and even her upcoming Mother’s Day brunch.

However, she acknowledges the concern for safety and accordingly adds an extra layer of reassurance to her customers. The eatery has a police officer who checks in around the clock on the restaurant, as well as a log of the running check-in dates and times. Green’s mother, a retired police officer, has also guided her daughter in simple precautions, including keeping the door locked during service.

The regulars who frequent the restaurant tickle her heart pink, as they are the people she has connected with the most. One woman, to whom Green affectionately refers to herself as “The Baby,” comes in and does small cleaning around the dining room. However, it is not solely a business transaction. Green cares about the people who frequent her and even treats “The Baby” to a spa day to boost her confidence. Nails and makeup will, of course, be in pink.

Her answer to further connecting with the community: “Embrace them with love, you know, you get what you give,” explains Green. 

Green is painting the town pink, establishing herself and her business as part of Chew and Chelten. 

The Pink Plate Cafe is located at 732 E Chelten Ave. It serves from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Tuesdays through Thursdays and 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. Fridays and Saturdays. Visit for more information on catering services and specials or to make reservations. Carri Green and the rest of the Pink Plate team can also be reached by calling (717) 918-1808.