On Thursday, May 21, co-researcher for the Germantown Info Hub Letrell Crittenden spoke with Supreme Dow and Darisha Parker, candidates for the Pennsylvania House 198th district seat, a legislative district serving Germantown, East Falls and several other nearby neighborhoods.

Crittenden discussed each democratic candidates post-pandemic plans if selected for office, their campaign effort and how to tackle hyperlocal issues like trash, gentrification or youth assistance.

Additionally, the Info Hub touched base with local businesses since the last radio show in April. Miles Butler and Jeff Podlogar spoke with Crittenden about their business, Germantown Expresso Bar.

The expresso bar is closed and all their baristas are on unemployment. Podlogar said the pandemic effects have been interesting, but the coffee shop owners are selling coffee by the pound to hyperlocal neighbors. Butler said it is beneficial but is only bringing in a fraction of what shop usually makes in sales.

“That’s been been going nowhere near what our operations were,” Butler said. “To give you an idea of what April was as a month, what we did in sales over the whole month was about what a little under a week would be.”

The Germantown Info Hub, in partnership with G’town Radio, will continue to host community call-in discussions during the coronavirus outbreak. To suggest a topic, email us at Gtown.infohub@gmail.com and follow #Gtowninfohubradio.

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