Tom Casetta, a resident of Germantown for 31 years, holds the position of Station Manager at G-Town Radio, an independent radio station deeply intertwined with the pulse of the community. While steering the station’s course, he also guides listeners on an auditory journey through his weekly freeform music program, “Listen Up!” 

However, it’s not just the music that fuels Tom’s passion for his role at G-Town Radio. It’s the profound connections he cultivates within the community that offer a platform for the diverse and captivating voices residing in Germantown.

Here are some of the things that Tom loves about Germantown.

Favorite place to grab food

Tom’s food choices reflect the Germantown eatery culture, saying his favorite places to get food are the various farmer’s markets and food stands. Additionally, he likes Merzbacher’s, which is “an old-school bread bakery with a new-school approach.”

What’s your favorite park to frequent?

“The Wissahickon,” Tom says. “I love that this vast, undeveloped natural area exists, and you can instantly escape the ‘city’ vibe.”

What recreational activities do you enjoy in your neighborhood?

Tom enjoys attending art openings and community events and taking pictures.

Which buses/trains do you use most frequently if you use public transportation? When do you use public transportation?

Whenever Tom visits Center City, which isn’t often, he uses the Regional Rail.

What historic destination would you implore tourists/visitors to visit and learn more about?

Tom encourages visitors to embrace the neighborhood’s rich historical significance. He suggests, “Germantown has a rich history, and my suggestion for tourists is to make this area part of your visit to Philadelphia. Drop by a few of the historic destinations, walk around the neighborhood, perhaps start at Cliveden, and walk down to Johnson Street.”

What’s your favorite fun fact/memory about the neighborhood?

“There is a cool community-run freeform radio station that is programmed by people here in our community and can be heard worldwide over the internet,” Tom says, alluding to G-Town Radio. “People from all over the world get to know folks from the Germantown area by tuning it over the stream.”

If you could make one addition to the neighborhood, what would it be?

Tom envisions a valuable resource for the community: “A Tool Library. A place where people can borrow tools they need for various repairs and projects. Workshops would also take place to assist.”