Hannah Yoon. (Hannah Yoon)

For The Love of Germantown is a profile series where neighbors and affiliates share their favorite places and things to do in Germantown.

This week, we spoke with independent photographer and Germantown transplant Hannah Yoon. After marrying, Hannah moved to Germantown at the end of 2018 from the Toronto, Canada area. Most of her photography focuses on journalism and long-form visual storytelling. She says, “I like to use portraits as a way to tell stories.” While she is not in any Germantown-related group, she likes to stay updated on what’s happening in the neighborhood. She hopes to “connect with [her] neighbors and build friendships” that way. One of Yoon’s projects was the Germantown Neighbors zine that Germantown Info Hub has previously distributed.

To keep up with Yoon’s work, visit www.hannahyoon.com or www.hannahlovephotos.com

Favorite place to grab food

Yoon says she likes the Focaccia Bread at Ultimo Coffee (5901 Wayne Avenue). She also likes Jamaican D’s (1264 E Chelten Avenue) since she lives nearby.

What’s your favorite park to frequent?

Yoon names Awbury Arboretum as her favorite park. She says it’s peaceful, beautiful, and spacious. 

What recreational activities do you enjoy in your neighborhood?

“The Awbury pool in the summer,” Yoon says. “Even when there are a lot of kids, I found it a fun place to go. I know I stand out being Asian American, but I’ve had great experiences meeting the neighborhood kids.”

What are your favorite shops?

“Uncle Bobbies for the books!”

Which buses/trains do you use most frequently if you use public transportation? When do you use public transportation?

Yoon discloses she has never ridden the bus while here, but she would like to step out of her comfort zone and do so. She has ridden the Broad Street Line when she needs to.

What historic destination would you implore tourists/visitors to visit and learn more about?

“I love the Historic RittenhouseTown because it’s in Wissahickon Park,” Yoon shares. “I also love that the oldest paper mill is there. In 2019, we learned how to make our own paper. There’s also a nice coffee shop there.”

What’s your favorite fun fact/memory about the neighborhood?
She says, “The 1688 Germantown Quaker Petition Against Slavery was the first protest against African-American slavery made by a religious body in the English colonies. Germantown was a center of the 19th-century American movement to abolish slavery, including the Johnson House underground railroad, which is one of the key sites of that movement.”