Germantown is full of stories; and the Germantown Info Hub wants to help you share those stories. 

The Info Hub and G’town Radio want to invite you to take part in our Germantown Info Hub Neighborhood Stories Project! The Project, funded by the Lenfest Institute for Journalism, will produce more than 40 first-person narratives by and of Germantown neighbors. Germantown residents have the opportunity to interview a fellow neighbor for the project, and receive compensation. 

Here is how it works! Nominate a storyteller to interview, or nominate yourself to tell a story about:

  1. Growing up or living in Germantown. 
  2. How Covid-19 has affected your life.
  3. Memories of Germantown. 

If you are a community interviewer, you can receive training before interviewing your subject. 

For example, on Wednesday, Oct.28, at 5:30 p.m., the Info Hub provided an online interactive workshop for neighbors interested in storytelling. The audio interviewing workshop took place on Zoom and was guided by producer and editor Jeanette Woods. Residents learned how to interview subjects using remote recording techniques, conduct great interviews and find interview subjects. 

There will be more workshops to come! We have assembled some FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Do  I need to live in Germantown to take part?

Yes! To take part in the Germantown Info Hub Neighborhood Stories Project YOU and your SUBJECT must live in the neighborhood. 

How will I record my interview?

The community interviewers will have the option of safely interviewing subjects using a Zoom Account. If your subject is in your POD, you can interview them using a phone or check out equipment with the Info Hub. 

What if I missed the workshop?

We will post a recording of Wednesday’s workshop on our website. We will also host a second workshop in the future.

How long is the project?

The project is scheduled for a year. 

Where will the personal narratives be?

The narratives will be on our website and aired on G’town Radio. We are working on placing them in a trusted archive in Philadelphia.

Can I interview myself?

Absolutely! When filling out our request form, indicate you are interviewing/nominating yourself and we will proceed with instructions on how to do so. 

How do I nominate a story?
Submit your interview idea using the Info Hub’s community pitch form.