The new Espresso bar location at 6369 Germantown Avenue. (GIH/Rasheed Ajamu)

The Germantown Espresso Bar closed the doors of its Maplewood Mall location on Friday, September 30. A little over a month after their closing, the coffee shop crew announced via social media that they secured their new location, set to open in early 2023.

What the team calls the “2.0 version” of the Espresso bar will be at 6369 Germantown Avenue, which sits next to the now-closed Curious Little Minds daycare. The building dates back to the 1750s and from the street appears to be under construction.

Co-owner Miles Butler says, “Jeff and I are both excited and grateful to be able to reopen and reimagine our strong-hearted community-centric coffee shop. The bittersweet period has shifted into a time of deep focus and rebuilding to have a successful and healthy reopening and move.”

While the shop won’t reopen its door to the community for a few more months, it will need some support from the community to do so. They ask neighbors to be on the lookout for their crowdfunding campaign that will come soon.