Photo by Eboni Zamani

Sun’s Discount Center was one of those huge value stores. One with a little bit of everything in it. One of the last places you could go if you were looking for something you haven’t seen in years, but if you went there you knew you’d find it. It was actually a hardware store that sometimes had small appliances and furniture for sale as well.  There were aisles and aisles of paintbrushes and extension cords, hair ties, and keychains. There were opened and closed boxes of items as far as you could see in any direction. An older Asian couple whose names I never got to know owned the store. They were always friendly. I usually went there when I was sent to get small household items for my family and like a lot of kids, to get snacks or drinks in exchange for bus tokens. The convenience of having that kind of store within walking distance or a quick bus ride away from your home was invaluable after a long day of work/school. You may not have always wanted to go all the way to Home Depot or may not always have the money for a name-brand furniture store, but you could guarantee you’d find an affordable version at a store like Sun’s.