Center in the Park is a non-profit senior center in Germantown

Center in the Park, Germantown’s non-profit senior center, promotes positive aging and connects seniors to activities and other resources. Like other organizations, it has had to adapt services during the pandemic.

Each week, volunteers deliver more than 270 prepared meals and provide rides to doctor’s appointments.  Wellness checks are done through phone calls. Stephanie Collins, director for social services and housing for CIP, said members’ lives have “drastically” changed, and the Center is making sure they stay involved as members adjust.

“We’re still keeping in touch with our members calling them every week, checking in, doing wellness checks,” Collins said. “Seeing how they’re doing physically, what their mental status is, what their needs are, and just trying to be of service and keeping them connected.”

Collins said they’ve organized an online chatroom so seniors can communicate with each other, and they’ve taken their fitness, creative arts, and educational classes online; members can experience classes on Youtube, Zoom and Facebook.

“They’re used to coming in the center and socializing with their friends and with the staff every day,” Collins said. “Now many are isolated, they don’t have lots of family and friends.”

Collins said members look forward to the Cente’s reopening. Collins said they are unsure about what the center will look like post-pandemic, but that they will continue to  provide their members with resources and support. 

For information on services for seniors, check out the Center in the Park website, or Facebook page, or  call (215) 848-7722.