Cat and dog stock image.

No dog or cat is left behind at the corner of Germantown Avenue and High Street. That’s where you can find Queenie’s Kibble Kitchen , a no-contact, drive-thru, pet food and supply pantry for pet owners, open twice a month.

Kibble kitchen organizer Hannah Babcock said it is a resource for neighbors struggling to care for their pets; “where people can keep their pets and have the ability to feed their pets in the same way that they’re trying to feed themselves.” 

Queenie’s Pets, a dog walking and sitting company in Mt. Airy, orchestrated the pet mutual aid program. The kitchen is open every other Thursday at 4 p.m. and is available on a first-come, first served basis. The kitchen is set up in front of there former Germantown High School. Babcock, operations manager for Queenie’s, said the idea came in the Spring when their staff noticed more stray pets on the streets. She said when people can’t afford to feed their pets, they release them to fend for themselves. 

“I noticed in walking my dogs that lots of people had been unable to care specifically for their cats,” Babcock said. “So they were just letting them free on the street, and then a lot of my neighbors were putting out tuna fish or food just so that these cats we’re being fed.”

The food pantry was first established at Queenie’s but soon moved to a new home in Germantown.    

COVID-19 affects everyone; people have lost jobs, financial security, and homes. Some cannot keep caring for their pets. A Maryland animal sanctuary reported an increase in pet abandonment since the pandemic. 

An animal sanctuary in Philadelphia is the Animal Care & Control Team or ACCT. They offer adoption, foster, and owner surrender  of pets

ACCT’s Development of Communications Director Sarah Bennet said they’ve noticed an increase in food needs since the pandemic. A pet food pantry they stocked twice a month, is now refilled daily. Additionally, ACCT has extended their services past food. 

“For some, it’s just pet food for a month,” Bennet said in an email. But for others, we have had pets who were sick, and the owners spent $1000 trying to get them the care they needed, and it wasn’t enough. We were able to provide the care they needed and reunite the pet and owner so that they could stay together, so that one less pet needs a home.”

The Kibble Kitchen is open every other Thursday at 4 p.m.; their next pantry day will be Nov.19.

For more information about Queenie’s Kibble Kitchen, call their hotline 215-550-1690.