The 23 bus running down Germantown Avenue next to Vernon Park. (GIH/Rasheed Ajamu)

Last Monday, SEPTA Forward hosted a virtual community conversation to help Northwest Philadelphia residents understand the possible changes to the bus service in their neighborhoods. But that session quickly reached its 100-person capacity limit and excluded residents from the conversation, so the organization will host another virtual meeting.

These meetings are a part of the year two planning and analysis phase of the “Bus Revolution,” which began last year. In 2023, SEPTA Forward will implement these changes based on the results of its outreach efforts. SEPTA says the project’s primary goals are to put rider experience first, increase access to opportunity, and build trust with reliable service.

SEPTA Forward representatives Dan Nelson, Henry Felsman, and Dan Nemiroff facilitated the November 7th meeting, which included proposals for route changes and surveys to participants about ridership. They also answered questions from the chat feature, as participants were kept muted.

Routes that run through Germantown that will be affected by the “revolution” include buses 18, 23, 26, 53, 65, K, J, H, and XH. Representatives reminded participants that these changes are not final, as the purpose of these meetings is to receive feedback on the drafts. All proposed route changes can be found on the Bus Revolution website.

While ongoing conversations will be happening around the city, two more meetings this year will center on the Northwest. However, postings from SEPTA Forward say the schedule is subject to change.

The next session will happen on Tuesday, November 22, from 6:30-7:30 p.m and will allow more participants than the first one did. An in-person meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, December 6, from 5:30-7:30 p.m. at Roxborough Memorial Hospital in the Wolcoff Auditorium at 5800 Ridge Avenue. 

All are welcome to attend and encouraged, especially if you frequent public transportation.