Word Life Yoga Studio uploads classes to Youtube.

When Alexander Jeffers logged onto Craigslist last year he was looking for potential properties to purchase, to hopefully take a step in a new direction. Jeffers was working at anEast Falls brewing company and teaching yoga in their space on Thursday ‘s nights. He was looking to expand his practice. After scrolling through many postings, he found the perfect 800 square ft property in Germantown.

“I kind of thought this might be the opportunity to, you know, manifest the studio that has always been sort of growing in my mind”, Jeffers said.

That property is now the Word Life Yoga Studio on Wayne Avenue, next to Ultimo Coffee Shop. Jeffers is a 200-hour, registered vinyasa yoga instructor and is certified in trauma-sensitive yoga. Word Life is a studio that offers yoga, meditation, kettlebell exercise and more.

As Jeffers opened his doors in February he could not know that they would soon be closed again. In March, Philadelphia, like cities across the county, closed non-essential businesses in response to the COVID-19 outbreak. But the yogi adapted to the unexpected crisis.

Jeffers is bringing yoga directly to your screen. He is offering free classes on several platforms including Instagram and Youtube. “It’s one of those things where I’m just trying to make myself as available as possible for people,” Jeffers said. “These practices, yoga, kettlebells meditation, they’ve all helped me and they’re an essential practice in my life.”

Word Life releases a monthly schedule on their website and Instagram page. Although Jeffers’ online classes are free, he accepts Venmo donations.