Neighbors gathered at Maplewood Mall to enjoy local art, live music and the Presidential Election results. | Nichole Currie for Gtown Info Hub

The news came Saturday, Nov. 7. News stations announced former Vice President Joe Biden was declared  the 46th President elect. 

Philadelphia took to the streets, overjoyed, and full of energy. People danced throughout the city to the sound of car horns, cowbells and residents playing instruments—In Germantown, folks gathered in the newly renovated Maplewood Mall to listen to live music, view local artists’ work, and enjoy food and drinks.

“We didn’t know what was gonna happen today, but we knew we’d probably know who would win by today,” iMPeRFeCT Gallery co-owner Roscio Cabello said. “But we wanted to make sure that, whether we were gonna be sad for another four years, or celebrating, we’d be able to come together.”

iMPeRFeCT Gallery and the Germantown Espresso Bar hosted ‘iMPeRFeCT Prisms’ on Saturday. Neighbors were encouraged to view the Gallery’s Prisms for one last day, an outside art show where more than 15 Germantown artists work was displayed on seven-foot-tall wooden prisms. The event was planned to align with the election results. 

More than seven musical guests accompanied the art show, performing outside the Espresso Bar. 

The event was from Noon to 8 pm, a perfect time frame for neighbors to arrive and leave at their comfort, said  Espresso Bar co-owner Miles Butler. The event was socially distanced to make sure they did not have a “super-spreader” event. 

Saturday’s scene was magical, as neighbors had something to celebrate. Chairs and tables were scattered across the new granite pedestrian walkway on Maplewood Mall Drive. Attendees met with old friends, shared laughs, and did the typical pandemic ‘elbow bump.’

The soundtrack was live performances from local artists like Malik Jay, as he serenaded the crowd  And they listened to the beat of Oluwafemi, a local DJ at Saturday’s event. 

The  2020 presidential election lasted and lasted; Election Day turned into Election Week. But for residents like Cabello, she says she no longer feels impatient. 

 “I’ll take the long wait to get these results.”
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