Jasmine Thompson stands in Market Square in Germantown during The Food Trust’s weekly farmer’s market.

Jasmine Thompson’s definition of healthy food changed over time.

When she was younger, her “healthy food” definition of food fell on whether she had eaten a meal at all that day, even if it was from McDonald’s.

Since then, the Germantown resident’s definition of “healthy food” has developed to include how frequently she ate, the kind of food she consumed and the presence of pesticides in her meals. She’s now helping her fellow Germantown residents form their own definition through nutrition education.

“I’m very passionate about food and agriculture and making sure that all races and ages and geographies have adequate access to healthy food,” she said.

Thompson is an organizer for The Food Trust’s new weekly farmer’s market on Germantown Avenue near East Church Lane in Market Square. This market was added in 2018, in collaboration with the Germantown United CDC and the Weavers Way Co-op.

The market accepts SNAP/ACCESS cards WIC, Philly Food Bucks, Senior Farmers Market Nutrition Program vouchers and cash, according to The Food Trust’s website. It features fresh produce and freshly baked food products as well, along with food education materials that Thompson provides.

“Meeting people where they are and helping them progress in their health plan would be good,” Thompson added.

Thompson is one of many people our group met with over the last few weeks who discussed their praise — and distaste — for food options in Germantown. Many residents, like Al Borden, said they leave Germantown to purchase groceries. Borden said he drives as far as Plymouth Meeting to a supermarket to access nutritious foods. Others, like Zarin Hnuri, detailed their love for The Food Trust’s weekly market and A&N Produce Junction and hoped we would focus on writing about these options.

Overall, there was an overwhelming response that access to greater grocer options would improve the lives of Germantown residents.

Other residents, we found during our outreach, expressed a need for more funding and exposure for the Police Athletic League and Boys & Girls Club in Germantown.