By way of The Bronx, New York, Janice Tosto made her way to the neighborhood six years ago after having a gut feeling about moving here. Since then, she’s helped Germantowners grieve and remember loved ones.

Tosto hosts “Grief Journeys” on G-Town Radio, which is an audio love letter to her best friend, Bill, who passed away in 2021, a healing space for all who listen and a place that helps guests explore their grief in a supportive environment. The show explores and acknowledges the reality of grief and validates the experiences of grievers. It celebrates love and the people. Tosto says, “I’m not a religious person, but I would consider Grief Journeys to be my ministry.”

She appeared in a community exhibition called “Call Home” at Imperfect Gallery three years ago, where she celebrated Bill by holding a photo of him. Last year, she created and aired a mini-documentary about Bill’s work that built on his unfinished documentary about their childhood in The Bronx. 

Aside from hosting on the station, Tosto is also a volunteer for G-Town Radio. In addition to her other roles, she is a sibling to two sisters and an aunt to two nieces whom she loves very much.

Tosto shared all her favorite things about the neighborhood with the Germantown Info Hub.

Favorite place to get food

Tosto names Gennaro’s Famous Pizza for its veggie pizza and Newman’s Grill for its omelets.

Favorite park

“Vernon Park is my favorite,” Tosto says. “There are always community activities taking place there for folks of all ages.”

Favorite recreational activity

She likes taking walks in Vernon Park. Walks are also her favorite seasonal activity during nice weather.

Favorite shops to frequent

Tosto names Salon Tranzitions at Germantown Avenue, as she frequently gets her hair done there. She also gives a big shoutout to Big G Laundry at Chelten Avenue, naming their friendly staff, the children’s area, and its community-mindedness, hosting reading events and raffles at different times of the year. She also shared that they have a bulletin board at Big G, which shares information about local businesses and resources.

Most frequent uses of public transportation

“I use public transportation most days,” Tosto says. I take the Chestnut Hill West Regional Rail train at Queen Lane. I also use the K & 23 buses.”

Recommended historic destination

Tosto raves about the Germantown Historical Society, saying, “I was there once before the pandemic and just marveled at the photos and other artifacts that help tell the history of Germantown.”

Favorite fun fact about Germantown

She loves that the 1970s R&B and Soul group The Stylistics has connections to Germantown. She grew up listening to their music.

Her favorite Germantown neighbors and community groups

Tosto gives a big shout-out to the community fridges across Germantown and Mt. Airy that help neighbors who face food insecurity. 

She sends the highest praise to the “lovely” Ms. Wadiyyah Saleh, saying, “She is a lifelong Germantown resident, and she is a beautiful, caring neighbor. She speaks kindly to everyone, cooks food for neighbors, and lends an ear. She’s humble and shy, but I’d love for more folks to know her. She cares about what happens in our community, in the city, and across the globe.”

One addition she’d like to see to the neighborhood

Tosto proposes not an addition but a modification. She says she’d love the Joseph E. Coleman Library to have a six to seven-day service. She adds, “Libraries are vital social and cultural spaces for all!”