If love is in the air, you may want to share it   with the Germantown Love Stories Project.

Network for New Music and First Person Arts are teaming up for a community-based Valentine’s Day event. The ‘Germantown Love Stories’ project will document four family-friendly “love stories” from Germantown residents. Each story will pair with originally composed music. 

“So what I decided to do is to turn this into a spoken word, or sound art project,” says  Thomas Schuttenhelm from Network for New Music “ His vision is to have “the residents of Germantown really create these love stories about things that they just love about Germantown.”

Participants  will record their stories on a phone or computer,  these will form the basis of an electroacoustic sound-art piece. Stories can range from a first date, how you met your spouse, what song you danced to at your wedding or commitment ceremony, or what you love about Germantown? First Person Arts Director Neil Bardhan says the group is especially interested in  unusual love stories. 

“There’s a lot of opportunity for what defines relationships and love and all sorts of connections,” Bardhan says. “I want to hear unconventional love stories. I want to hear how you fell in love with your neighbor, or maybe how you fell in love with a dog.”

G-town Radio will broadcast the stories on the week leading up to Valentine’s Day, Sunday, 14 February 2021, and then all of them together on Valentine’s Day for a special broadcast.