Crossroads Women’s Center is one step closer to opening up their new center in Germantown expanding their physical space for more services and events. 

Crossroads is a multigenerational and multiracial meeting place that provides support and advocates for women and communities affected by issues such as housing, childcare, welfare, and more.  

“We’re not held by government agencies or CEOs. We are a self help group. Most of us that have joined came in with an issue,” said Crossroads organizer Tree Muldrow. “So [the new center] feels more like a safe place and we can easily discuss problems that we might not go into in a public agency.”

In addition to providing a community space, the collective partners with organizations and businesses such as Weavers Way Co-op (which will soon have a new Germantown location), to provide healthy lunches for the folks who are working together at the center through various issues.

 “We learn from each other, we educate each other, we support each other, we help find resources for our members. That’s an education, and then what we learn, we pass on to other people, “ said Muldrow. 

The new space is huge compared to their last location, which was on Armat Street in the Maplewood Mall strip. Crossroads saved money for years to buy their new space on Wayne avenue knowing it would need a lot of renovations. The work is almost done and the organizers are ready.  

“[There can be] a whole lot of different partners for different things that’s going on out here. People with housing problems, medical and DHS problems, people in prison, for students that go to school, keep them out of trouble, and open up the center for them to come,” said Crossroads organizer, Carolyn Hill.

Earlier this month, the center had a soft open house to connect with residents and other organizations. Community Legal Services, the Human Rights Coalition, Zeralda Community Garden, and the Poor People’s Campaign were only some of the organizations tabling at the event. 

“I just feel that it’s a really good safe place,” said Muldrow.  “And so many issues that we face are caused by poverty and racism.”

“We trust each other, we build trust among each other, so we want to bring this out to the community, because every issue that affects one of us, not only affects us individually, it affects our family, it affects our neighborhood, it affects our general community, and that affects our environment. So I think that to me, that’s just a beautiful thing. And that’s what I really am excited about.”

You can follow Crossroads Women’s Center on Facebook. They hope to have their full grand opening in the spring of 2023.