A person walks down Chew Avenue with a mask and gloves on Tuesday afternoon. This individual represented an exception, as most people out did not have on any protective measures against the coronavirus. The United States Surgeon General urged residents to stop buying masks, declaring that they are not effective in preventing the general public from spreading the virus. /Letrell Crittenden
At lunchtime, a typically bustling area near the popular Uncle Bobbie’s Coffee and Books is barren. The Germantown Avenue store closed to the public due to the threat posed by Covid-19. /Letrell Crittenden
A person orders food from a truck. Several food trucks were active yesterday, including this one on Chew Avenue. It remains to be seen if such businesses will allowed to remain open, as a result of Gov. Tom Wolf’s latest directive that only ‘life-saving” businesses stay open past Thursday at 8 p.m. /Letrell Crittenden
A full parking lot at the Fresh Grocer on Chew Avenue. Despite warnings urging residents to engage in social distancing, many residents were still making their way into stores throughout Germantown. Grocery stores — and beer distributors — will not be impacted by Gov. Wolf’s most recent business ban. /Letrell Crittenden
A person walks a dog inside Awbury Arboretum. The vast open space was largely barren Tuesday afternoon, despite the opportunity it affords for people to engage in social distancing./Letrell Crittenden
An empty parking lot at LaSalle University. LaSalle is one of the many universities in Philadelphia that has closed its doors due to the threat of Covid-19. University housing on campus will officially close April 4. /Letrell Crittenden
A person wearing a mask Tuesday afternoon enters a car on Chelten Avenue, in front of a shut-down daycare facility. Despite being named as an essential resource by Mayor Jim Kenney, daycare centers throughout the city closed after another order was made by Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf./Letrell Crittenden

A person boards a bus at the intersection of on Chew Avenue. People continued to use public transportation throughout Germantown Tuesday afternoon/Letrell Crittenden

Intersection of Washington Lane and Chew Avenue. Car traffic was reduced, but far from nonexistent Tuesday afternoon./Letrell Crittenden

An adult and two children throw around a ball at a park on Johnson Avenue. Parks in Germantown were largely barren Tuesday afternoon. In nearby Mt. Airy, however, several games of basketball were being played at the Mt. Airy playground on Germantown Avenue./Letrell Crittenden