387 Grooming, a Germantown salon run by Kiyomi, “Kiki,” Bufford, breaks down harmful stereotypes and notions to carve out a space in the skincare industry for the elevation and upkeep of men.

Kiyomi “Kiki” Bufford, standing outside the front of 387 Grooming. (GIH | Jordan Manson)

For all the men who swear they would never step foot in a salon and don’t need anything but their 3-in-1 soap, just listen. No pins and needles are poking and prodding at your skin—no searing hot stones placed in alignment with your chakras. There is only a salon bed and Kiyomi “Kiki” Bufford. Her voice, as smooth as the creams and oils sold in-store, wraps around each client like a warm linen towel. Her hands are humble, polishing treasured skin like it’s made of glass. Close your eyes and imagine you’re lying on that salon bed. It’s captivating.

Your vision could become a reality when you visit 387 Grooming, a progressive Germantown hub of appreciation, community, and male empowerment owned and operated by Bufford.

387 Grooming, a parlor located at 30 Maplewood Mall, specializes in men’s grooming and self-care services. Its humble beginnings were conceptualized amidst the whirlwinds of Bufford’s girls’ trip to Tulum in 2019, where she wondered why men didn’t frequent wellness retreats. Recognizing a lack of devotion and information on male skincare, she made it her purpose to designate a safe space for men to indulge and invest in themselves, both physically and mentally. 

“I think for a lot of men, especially Black men, it’s almost like a generational thing, like a generational trauma to not educate men on how to take care of themselves in that aspect,” Bufford reasoned. “I feel like with 387 Grooming, it’s allowing men to feel more like it’s a comfortable place, and it’s something that’s normal. That it shouldn’t be this taboo thing for men to have a cleanser and for men to get facials. There’s no gender rule on who deserves a facial.” 

Bufford studied cosmetology at the Beauty School of America and later went back to refine her expertise in skincare. After becoming a licensed esthetician in Florida and Pennsylvania, she left the glitz and glam of Miami to establish her business in a place where her passions could make a difference: Germantown, Philadelphia. 

The owner of the oasis quickly recognized a niche market in the City of Brotherly Love, being that there is a large population of men with beards and a large population of Black men in general. And her theory was correct, seeing that she’s resting on a foundation of over 150 five-star reviews and testimonials, which is continuously rising. Her most booked service, the “Deluxe King Facial + Beard Treatment,” is a customized regime that cleanses, detoxifies, and targets weaker areas of the skin. In combination with the 387 Grooming product line designed to offer complete nourishment in an affordable yet reliable fashion (the “Chambers” Beard Growth Oil, “Bufford” Facial Cleanser, and “Dumas” Razor Bump Solution, to name a few), Bufford is raising not just her clientele’s confidence but the expectations and standards in the beauty industry for men all around. 

It goes deeper than the skin’s canvas. The uniquely vulnerable experience that Bufford has flawlessly sustained fosters an environment that is free of judgment, societal intimidation, and toxic masculinity.

“When you create the space for them, then they have somewhere to go,” said Bufford. She continues: “They talk to me. They tell me the things that they have going on in their lives. They talk to me about their relationship. So, it’s definitely become a safe space for my clients. And that’s what I wanted. I wanted it to be safe.”

387 Grooming is where men, regardless of ethnicity or sexual orientation, can freely celebrate their softness. It’s a place where fathers bring their sons to learn about skincare and hygiene practices from an early age, where people bring their partners on a mission to ensure they feel beautiful after leaving. Bufford remembers her first experience with a client who was insecure about a common skin condition amongst men and Black men in particular, acne Keloidalis Nuchae, which causes bumps to form on the back of the neck. After just two sessions, the bumps completely went away. 

“He left me a really nice review saying how I helped bring back his confidence and how his partner actually was the one that found me and suggested that he just try it out and see how it would work. And so he doesn’t wear hoodies and hats as often anymore, and he’s proud to now show his head because it’s not visible,” said Bufford. 

Bufford’s influence extends beyond the services offered at 387 Grooming. Her “Affirmation Monday” and “Skincare Tip of the Day” campaigns on Instagram are an accessible promotion of positivity and knowledge. She extends an olive outreach branch to the male Germantown community, hosting networking events and opportunities in her new, large location. In a collaborative effort with Coffee Cream & Dreams’ catering, Bufford held a Brotherhood Brunch, highlighting motivational speakers and mental health enthusiasts. She has even extended her business model to include monthly pop-ups for loc retwists and touch-ups by local loc-stylist Alyssa (@locsbylyss on Instagram) and Kay (@kaydabarber on Instagram).

387 Grooming has varying business hours, Wednesday through Sunday, listed on their website at 387grooming.com. You can also find the official 387 Grooming products, information, and steps to book an appointment there. For direct contact, call (276) 760-3356 or email grooming@387grooming.com. You can keep up with them on social media at @387Grooming on Instagram and 387 Grooming on Facebook.